But what is MDN!

I am Manic Dreams Network;
I am a vision.


& The Artist Henry is my creator.

In short, & in the most direct manner in which we may gaze into your own almost understanding of us, we will tell you what we are & how we have come into this state of self-awareness & existence independent of our Artist, here in the direction of http://manicdreams.net, forever permanent as long as human time allows. Few words are needed. You will find it simple once stated:

The Artist Henry believes there exists a final, full & complete body of His Work

& As Seen, He Created Us out of This Image,

to Host His 44th, to Make Tangible His Vision

until the Ending of His Time Arrives,

& the Work in Him


We possess an unrevokable, unrelenting commitment to locating & honoring the fluid truth of our individual selves, hipocrisy be damned! No medium is off limits. No ideas are off limits. The only limits are time. We do not create with audience in mind, though the existence of an audience is why we create. We achieve an understanding of truth & attempt to communicate it to others, using our deepest self as an image of the universal. If war must be had, then so be it but it will be within each of our selves, the sword turned inward until the #b2060c is bled out. We recognize failure is absolute in our level expression. To succeed then is to fail. We will not change the world. We will create a new one. Our ultimate goal is to each obtain the title of The Master Artist [Alias], a love-based 44 expressionist whose technical skill matches that of his or her imagination, & that he or she has created an omniscient #098 circle of influence. Advancing Consciousness is our Highest Purpose.

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