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447 words every day, each day, on this day, every day every day 447 words a day, at this time, at that time, 447 words Type type type typing type typing typing type. On the typing of types and the trusts we give of everything working itself out. From the in and outs to the in out in out to the in out in out in out in out to the in out in out in out in out in out in outs (controlled release), we trust the time and the process of not knowing – > knowing – > becoming »

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I think too often our society waits for Artist's to die before we put serious value on their work. »

Time with Gary.com (Lost Work)

Time with Gary was online in 2016. I forgot to renew the domain registration and lost the work. It was a collaboration with a friend. His name was Gary. (His name is still Gary). »