B/c there’s Truth In TCoM

The Chronicles of Mania is a convincing lie It’s a long drawn out attempt to find an identity based on recreations, re-tellings, cold scientific defining, artwork, and left out information. I react to prolonged use of high quality cannabis. That’s it. I become psychotic after smoking a lot of weed. I take flight. The Chronicles of Mania isn’t a documentary, it’s not real. Perceptions aren’t real. Or are they. Or does The Chronicles have value. The Chronicles of Mania is a creation to validate whatever I spent so much time suffering to hold. What you see here is not information. What you read isn’t information either. It’s just a struggle to validate who everyone said I was. I searched so long for myself after I lost it in 2008 with the intake of anti-psychotic drugs. This work is damaging. I created it that way. I myself feel damaged. I feel broken. I damage. I break things. I throw things out the window. I lose time. I destroy. After years of wading thoughts I presented something. A long drawn-out effort to cause even more loss, confusion, and delay. There’s fabrication, deletion, ego; and there’s love. This work is sad. A bad draft. It’s confusing. But it’s also well put together. I’m over it. It’s not meant to be read or seen or watched. All I wanted was understanding. I kind of got it. The Chronicles of Mania is a convincing truth What in the hell do we believe? Follow the money, it will lead to the lies. Follow art, it will lead to the truth.

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