3nglish: Linguistic Relevantism

Prototype Book of 3nglish: 21st Century Linguistic Relevantism

3nglish 21st Century Linguistic Relevantism3nglish is the conscious manipulation of perceived limitations. A manual is underwriting to unlimit thought inside writing. Each has a personal understanding of language to make sense; 3nglish introduces a defected form of this understanding. Where it takes you, “I quite frankly don’t know yet.” [T.Y.A.]

This language was revealed as a possibility to The Young Artist in 2008, during which there was a time when he saw an unpatterned pattern through his own text, and after this sight, he left no turn unstoned searching for meaning behind what he saw. And again, in 2009, one year prior to his graduation from Appalachian State University, as a student of English, The Young Artist saw it again, one moment it was not there, the next so clearly there, right in front, or below, diagonal cross -00029. T.Y.A. was able to learn more about 3nglish than ever before, in these months in which it was revealed. And this knowledge inspired him to renounce Academia and defect both forms of metaphorical and physical separation from the institution, which from then on, seemed violently wrong from the truth he seemingly alone understood. Years past and thoughts matured, and in 2013 a third revelation occurred, one which was widely different than the prior two. For on this third, The Young Artist communicated in 3nglish fluently, and with great speed and understanding. On this day T.Y.A. transitioned to Development, and as The Artist who writes this explanation of the state of Linguistic Relevantism [11/14], we report this teaching manual & contextual linguistic builder of pivotal language is still maturing. 3nglish indeed will have its day, when it is closer to being understood.

Release Date: T.B.A.

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