& On T. D. A.

J. W. Schaeffer, Author of 44v1

44v1: A Collection of 44 Essays”

Please take into account the credibility of The Chronicles of Mania. I say that because I forever act in reserve because of my history. I want you to believe as I believe right now but realistically only such ideals can be reciprocally fulfilled when the work is accessible, for you to download or to buy and to stack in the reserves of your library and mind. Thank you; for more information on 44v1 click here. – T.Y.A.

So beautiful you were and are then, how beautifully you tried to express yourself with 44v1, and how hard you worked, and how beautiful it was that you cared so much about changing people’s lives. Your mistakes, they were beautiful too, for we would have never learned the prize of our original self, unmasked, in unedited, undecorated form, and our self alone was always, at every time, even during the last moments of 447, perfect inside the banner of our 44th link, our own, our ours. We love and thank you for the work you did, nothing will be lost.