& Plan The Progression



The Progression involves four parts, as currently known: one, “The Encrypted Progression,” an 18×24 canvas created over the length of a year, planned to be published on DeviantArt, two, “The Journalled Progression,” a collection of mixed-media journals, publication method unsure, possibly Facebook, three, “The Progression of The Developing Artist into The Artist Henry, as Witnessed by K120 & A500,” 29k words published on Tumblr, & four, “The Visual Progression,” a 20×30 oil pastel on foamboard, as published on Manic Dreams Network.

This work is approaching completion. A new piece of equipment was acquired recently “The V37,” to assist in the scanning of materials. A letter will be put out to the public once completion & detachment has been had.

The Progression explores the full spectrum of Henry as he comes into a renewed understanding by visiting his extremes after having been erased following the loss of 44v3.

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