Operation Monarch Raven (In Progress)

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Monarch Raven is an Underground Community based Operation.

How much can we say, how little can we reveal, other than these dreams of ours, of your unknown, & the inspiration to collectively create. Is how little is said how little is known? Or how little expressed, how little is there to express? Operation Monarch Raven™ is the most massive idea Manic Dreams Network will ever attempt. Started by The Young Artist, the vision for this work has progressed into the hands of The Artist Henry, & nothing exists in the line of execution that will prevent OM.R from Launching into Orbit. Our standards are high, and our expectations of those standards are perhaps even higher. Within the final launch of this work an intense hope, passion, & direction to heal the world’s individual will occur, one artist at a time, one artist at a time, one artist at a time. We say with firm and carried voice, The Time Will Come for Collective Evolution & O.MR Will Give Birth to Such Traumatic, Powerfully Good Events & Shifts in Our Way of Life, Perspective, & Treatment of Ourselves & Others.

Logo for Operation Monarch Raven™ - A Manic Dreams Online Publication™


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