The Chronicles of (DOWN)

The Chronicles of Mania

The Young Artist pledged years of his life to the terms someone else had prescribed. This work was online 2012-2017. Update pending.»

44v1: Universi (Unavailable)


A Collection of Essays about Life & The Universe

written by T. Y. A. [1/3/13]; let go by T. A. H.[11/16/14]

44v1, a visual literary work done completely on napkins in public places. This work was available in print in 2012 & digitally from 2014-2017. I have since pulled it from the shelves. I believe, have always believed, I could perform a better translation than the one achieved, from napkin to paper, from lined poetry with visuals to prose and sequential visuals. Below are some images and things related to its production. It will be back some day, most likely as part of 44v5.

The Young Artist @ His Desk

44v1 44v1 44v1 44v1 44v1 44v1

Mundi est aedem mente,

et ego interpres.

44v1: Universi

Table of Contents

Friends Unbeknownst Is Loss a Choice? Brush your Teeth A Clump of Hair So much destruction I shot a Chipmunk We must stop eventually Henry Bleep Bloop And to this I implore: Moments of Clarity Fear what is There A Voice The Loneliest Night GARY WILL YOU RETURN The Child I’m Seventy Six Have you seen To this and More It’s not [even] a key Trying New things Isn’t it obscure? In Darkness I Write The Sleeping Essay Temptation: The Final influence It is this I pray The Beautiful End Some Day, A Distant Day For love My Gift of Self All Maps The Art of Return Sequential Thought
Where is everyone

Late Earliness Yesterday Planning Ahead A Desire For Future The Cloned Life So Will I The Poor Man Who Weeps Mainstream & The Artist Rules of Engagement Insolence Welp The Most The Beckoning November 30th 11:52 PM The Focus of One’s Thought Mono Sell it I sold it A Matter of Predictability The Urge There are strangers I found it in Your Sweetness A Prelude to Love a Focus among the unfocused I believe in the possibility of us, When I say Goodbye Life beyond the game. Ah yes Where are my people? Why you? Awareness of Relativity The limitations of Conviction It’s the King’s Castle Voices