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Your company’s renewed credibility is only a week or two away. Contact us now to book the reinvention of your web site, logo, business card, brochure, and/or social network. MDNetwork harnesses the latest SEO technology and 100% mobile responsive designs using the renowned Genesis Framework for WordPress. All of our designs and sites stay ahead of the competition with Genesis’ routine updates. This is a temporary service; your opportunity to get my graphics, websites, and copy may expire tomorrow.

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what-is-manic-dreams-networkHire MDN!

About your Artist

The Artist Henry invested 4 academic years to refining his understanding of language & impression. He has since defected an additional 6 years to, what he calls, “A Multi-Dimensional Onslaught of Persuasion, Manipulation, & Inspiration.” If you have the paper, this is your fleeting opportunity to directly benefit– personally & exclusively– from his creative logic, talent, & skill. As expressed, creating for others is not his dream, & when he is able to cease from this type of labor, the chance for him to work for your vision will have passed, irrevocably. In the meantime, and at this time, T. A. H. is prepared to devote himself, completely & fully, to renewing your work.

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