& T. Y. A.

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“Artist versus Art: what is the relationship? What if an Artist makes Art depicting the Artist within Art? If we believe the relationship is separated, that each half is isolated from the other, are we then immune to the natural feeling of a fusion between the two? For example, this picture of me having been “artified,” is it still me? I don’t think denying the natural fusion is possible, thus we or I must, as an Artist, have a dynamic portfolio of work if I want to be detached from my Art. If this was the only thing I ever did then it would be attached; if you compare 44v1 to this and this to The Chronicles of Mania you would have me as a detached Artist making isolated Art.” – T.Y.A. 2012

“And we understand the relationship T. Y. A. laid out. It’s the basis for our current understanding. The Network, or body of art, is piece by piece created & connected & filled in over a long period of time, with many different expressions using many different mediums, & all together working to bring the inexpressible 44 understanding into focus. So almost clear to the viewer, so almost, a light turns on after consuming his or her Network, & the light emits these abrupt words, “I almost I get it!”– which is perfect, because one may only fully understand one 44, and that is always within, to each their own, fully, either most responsibly pursued or irresponsibly neglected.” – T. A. H. 12/2014

The Young Artist Makes War on Art

Manic Dreams Network Promotional GeishaThe Artist Henry Makes Love to Art

 but 44 first must be defeated


Warrior 44, T.Y.A., 2010