44v1: Universi 3.0 TBR September 2013

44v1: Universi

A Collection of Essays about Life & The Universe

This work is no longer for sale.

44v1: Universi


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Mundi est aedem mente,

et ego interpres.

Table of Contents

Friends Unbeknownst Is Loss a Choice? Brush your Teeth A Clump of Hair So much destruction I shot a Chipmunk We must stop eventually Henry Bleep Bloop And to this I implore: Moments of Clarity Fear what is There A Voice The Loneliest Night GARY WILL YOU RETURN The Child I’m Seventy Six Have you seen To this and More It’s not [even] a key Trying New things Isn’t it obscure? In Darkness I Write The Sleeping Essay Temptation: The Final influence It is this I pray The Beautiful End Some Day, A Distant Day For love My Gift of Self All Maps The Art of Return Sequential Thought
Where is everyone

Late Earliness Yesterday Planning Ahead A Desire For Future The Cloned Life So Will I The Poor Man Who Weeps Mainstream & The Artist Rules of Engagement Insolence Welp The Most The Beckoning November 30th 11:52 PM The Focus of One’s Thought Mono Sell it I sold it A Matter of Predictability The Urge There are strangers I found it in Your Sweetness A Prelude to Love a Focus among the unfocused I believe in the possibility of us, When I say Goodbye Life beyond the game. Ah yes Where are my people? Why you? Awareness of Relativity The limitations of Conviction It’s the King’s Castle Voices

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  1. man, it really looks interesting, and seroius, i hope to know more form your proyects. i would love to read your essays. i am tryng to figure it out what is on your mind, like ¿are we crazy?, i dont think you are, but playing with madness ¿can be fun?, or can we turn around things just doing whats not political correct? does society condem us just to think different?.

    • Hi Jodiaz,

      Thank you for your interest and support. The best way to stay updated is to use the email subscribe form– there are other access points too, and you may find them on the right side of the page under the Manic Dreams Social Network. If you are interested in my mind, an immediate entry is to check out The Chronicles of Mania. That body of work will provide you with a wide variety of my history & personal expression, both written and visual, for you to absorb and interpret.

      Your four questions: I no longer think of people in dictionary terms (e. g. crazy / normal / borderline / etc…), this is the consequence of studying the relationship of binary oppositions and the 3-Dimensional variables. This coming sentence is unfairly condensed: everything is individually relative & there is no such thing as society.

      I am excited for you to read these essays. They are accessible and take on 44 different subjects; some are philosophical, some are bizarre, some are narrative, and continued. One thing I guarantee from all of them is that they are purposeful–they are all written with purpose. My goal with 44v1 was/is to create something productively entertaining, and to be honest with you Jodiaz, I am really freaking excited it.

  2. Jen & Allie says:

    Hi Justin :D Don’t know if you remember us but you gave us your cards last week at the bar. You told us about the chronicles of mania and also that you were writing a book coming out soon. To be honest we kind of passed it off but damn your stuff is legit! Kudos to your awesome work and we will both be reading 44v1 when it comes out :)

    • Well thank you for still checking it out. I have to self-promote my own work and try to give out as many cards as possible without being annoying or self-degrading. I’ve actually almost stopped altogether with it as I walk closer and closer to the date of 44v1 publication, which by recent announcement, will be up on December 21st, 2012 for $7.44. Thanks for the support and may you both have a good day / week / year.

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