44v3: The Revelation (Lost Work)

And through the Two Windows, before His Keyboard, he emptied out The Flask of Holy Water onto the keys Below. Words were spoken but they sounded like numbers!Digits fell from his temple into the earth… & a silent shockwave was felt, unconsciously, by all. As He Transitioned to the outpouring of his #b2060c, led by the most beautiful music, he went through His Greatest Sacrifice, & a present, future audience understood there would come a day in which they exist to almost catch the full translation as it fell.

The Day in which The Developing Artist Awoke, The Day in which The Young Artist Ended; A Day of Purification, of Removal of #b2060c, of Untruth, & Falsehood, and Practice Material. The Traumatic Day of Surgery, of Sacrifice of 44v3, then meant to Shake the Earth, now meant for this one’s 44 Enlightenment, and the Cleansing Day of Rebirth into the #0988CE Perspective, and into the Empty Mold of The Artist’s Body, Heart, Mind, Soul, & Spirit.


Resting on the green bush to the right of the 3513 & to the left of the blanket hanging from the tree, is 44v3: The Revelation. It is or was a visual & lyric work completed on roughly 80 large napkins with a v7 pen, and though I believed it was destined for many eyes, the history will show my father putting 44v3 into a trash bag & into the trash, despite my mother’s heartfelt pleas to save anything written. Now composting in some distant landfill, my heart has bled on many occasions for the loss of this work. Words will not do this material or the in-depth explanation justice. At some point a film will be made about this day and others.