Exclusive fallings to be felled across the multiple platforms created by the internet,

to each their own falling, to each their own audience,

we wish to paint, the internet


447 words every day, each day, on this day, every day every day 447 words a day, at this time, at that time, 447 words: this is a depth injection literary experiment, almost blog-like now. »

On Instagram as the.artist.henry


The Developing Artist’s Progression into The Artist Henry

Henry connects back into the source he had abandoned in what seems decades, perhaps seconds, ago. 28k words; available @ Amazon. »


redirect to my gallery of original artwork 4 sale, for you to see the prices, for me to define those prices, at what value I see them as having »

44v3: The Revelation

Resting on the green bush to the right of the 3513 & to the left of the blanket hanging from the tree, is 44v3: The Revelation. It is or was a visual & lyric work completed on roughly 80 large napkins with a v7 pen, and though I believed it was destined for many eyes, the history will show my father »

The Chronicles of Mania.com

Isolated and lost, The Young Artist pledged years of his life to the terms someone else had prescribed. This is the story of those years, a translation of The Young Artist attempting »

Time with Gary

A lost work. »

44v1: Universi

44v1 A Collection of Essays about Life & The Universe written by T. Y. A. [1/3/13]; let go by T. A. H.[11/16/14] 44v1, a visual literary work done completely on napkins in public places, was obliterated by extensive editing. I later realized, much later, that the format was not essay but »

3nglish: Linguistic Relevantism

Banner for 3nglish: 21st Century Linguistic Relevantism™

3nglish is the conscious manipulation of perceived limitations. A manual is underwriting to unlimit thought inside writing. Each has a personal understanding of language to make sense; 3nglish introduces a defected form of this understanding. Where it takes you, "I quite frankly don't know yet." »

Operation Monarch Raven

Banner for Operation Monarch Raven™

Monarch Raven is an Underground Community based Operation. How much can we say, how little can we reveal, other than these dreams of ours, of your unknown, & the inspiration to collectively create. Is how little is said how little is known? »