• The Written Progression

    T. D. A. Progression into T. A. H.

    Count: 29,188 Words, Style: Blind

  • 44v1: For The Universi

    44v1: For the Universi

    Count:19,354 Words, Style: Over-Edited Napkins

  • The Chronicles of Mania - A Manic Dreams Network Publication

    The Chronicles of Mania: T. Y. A.’s Attempt

    Status: Online, Count: A lot, Style: Visual & Lyrical

  • Banner image for 3nglish: 21st Century Linguistic Relevantism™, a Manic Dreams Network Publication

    3nglish: 21st Century Linguistic Relevantism™

    Status: In Progress, Publication Date: Unknown

  • Logo for Operation Monarch Raven™ - A Manic Dreams Network Online Publication™

    Operation Monarch Raven™

    An Underground Community Operation

The Written Progression of T. A. H.

The Progression

With the unknowing help of Annalise Gabriella, Henry gathered himself with full sobriety, love, and just a bit of fear of fleeting hair, and connected back into the source he had abandoned in what seems decades, perhaps seconds, ago. And to what he will do will take him, understandably, his entire life to achieve--a concept impossible in the fullest immersion of 44, he himself now a wearer of both 43 & the latter. Continue In »



New site launched March 30th 2015. 447 words every day, each day, on this day, every day every day 447 words a day, at this time, on this day every day 447 words: Continue In »

Operation Monarch Raven

Banner for Operation Monarch Raven™

Monarch Raven is an Underground Community based Operation. How much can we say, how little can we reveal, other than these dreams of ours, of your unknown, & the inspiration to collectively create. Is how little is said how little is known? Or how little expressed, how little is there to express? Operation Monarch Raven™ is the most massive idea Manic Dreams Network will attempt. Hatched by The Young Artist, the vision for this work is now in the hands of The Continue In »

The Chronicles of Mania

The Chronicles of Mania

Isolated and lost, The Young Artist pledged years of his life to the terms someone else had prescribed. This is the story of those years, a translation of The Young Artist attempting to create his first major work with powerfully revealing expression of external truths imposed upon him by psychiatrist, family, & society. Their diagnosis: a diseased mind & a heart whose feelings, expressions, & talents were to be treated with drugs & removed, killing Continue In »

Time with Gary


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44v1: Universi

44v1: Universi

before you read what's below, know that it's no longer current. it was before 6/25/2015, before I realized 44v1 was not made up of essays but of lined poetry... 44v1 A Collection of Essays about Life & The Universe written by T. Y. A. [1/3/13]; let go by T. A. H.[11/16/14] 44v1 is obliterated by extensive editing, a confusing depresence, & lined with The Young Artist's fear of failure. He tried his best to deliver a copy clearly received & well Continue In »

3nglish: Linguistic Relevantism

Banner for 3nglish: 21st Century Linguistic Relevantism™

3nglish is the conscious manipulation of perceived limitations. A manual is underwriting to unlimit thought inside writing. Each has a personal understanding of language to make sense; 3nglish introduces a defected form of this understanding. Where it takes you, "I quite frankly don't know yet." [T.Y.A.] This language was revealed as a possibility to The Young Artist in 2008, during which there was a time when he saw an unpatterned pattern through his own text, and Continue In »

Plotting The Network

Manic Dreams Network

With time the pieces of the Network are revealed & created, unsequentially. If we are to think in terms of The Network being an image, the first depiction is not full bodied & rudimentarily blurry. Instead, the first depiction or sight is mostly blank space with focused details here & there, much like a largely eccentric puzzle with no final image to go by, with but few pieces accurately placed down or revealed, seemingly unsenseably so, yet undoubtedly Continue In »

Outsider 44s

MDN! is Accepting Submissions

Manic Dreams Network is the product of intense, prolonged self-absorbed creation. While Universi has come a long way in development, the time has come for an additional something tangible to a former abstraction of extension. I call it “Outsider 44s,” a place in The Network to display bodies of work from artists who, deceased or living,Continue In »

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On 447?


no no no it’s not that it’s “447 words a day,”–I mean, that’s how it was started, those are the rules that were followed, when it was started– then, quickly, it turned into per day per day per day, and when I fell behind the deadline(s), it became more like nothing nothing nothing nothing…5! But now, but now! 4:47 AM or PM expect it, heard

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On 447s

447s & justin schaeffer

A candid look: the day of this is May 10th, the last submission dates May 4th and I feel the weight of those missed deadlines. Confidence lost! Nothing to say! I am not good enough! I woke up this morning at 5:00 and played soldat for over an hour. I’m on my second cup ofContinue In »

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I was told to change


The featured image should be at least 200×200 pixels to be picked up by Facebook and other social media sites. But why. But why is it highlighted red, & why do I need to change to get picked up. I don’t need to change. The concept of needing to change is unneeded. I and youContinue In »

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Numbers & Prophecies


I was talking about the sower yesterday, on my 1831931, the kind of sower I am and will be, the one who spreads seeds while moving forward & never backward, as in the kind who creates actions with deleted concept of “to deserve” and receive personally the consequences. Here, it is done by letting go with this survivor of The Event & not explaining or caring, in a specific way, much.

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Internet Mediums

Plug us Into the Masses

  And through the Two Windows, before His Keyboard, he emptied out The Flask of Holy Water onto the keys Below. Words were spoken but they sounded like numbers!Digits fell from his temple into the earth… & a silent shockwave was felt, unconsciously, by all. As He Transitioned to the outpouring of his #b2060c, ledContinue In »

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T. Y. A. & T. A. H.


“Artist versus Art: what is the relationship? What if an Artist makes Art depicting the Artist within Art? If we believe the relationship is separated, that each half is isolated from the other, are we then immune to the natural feeling of a fusion between the two? For example, this picture of me having beenContinue In »

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Silent Auction of 44v3

Justin Under the Bodhi

44v3: The Moving, Falling, Sitting, Patting, & Resting Notes Given to US THROUGH & THROUGH & UP & OUT 44 7 44 7 44 7 44 7 4447 RED & BLUE RED RED * BLUEBLUE RED RED * BLUEBLUE RED RED * BLUEBLUE RED RED * BLUEBLUE RED RED * BLUEBLUE RED RED * BLUEBLUEContinue In »

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The 12k Event of 2k13

The 12k Event of 2k13 [TCoM]

The Day in which The Developing Artist Awoke, The Day in which The Young Artist Ended; A Day of Purification, of Removal of #b2060c, of Untruth, & Falsehood, and Practice Material. The Traumatic Day of Surgery, of Sacrifice of 44v3, then meant to Shake the Earth, now meant for this one’s 44 Enlightenment, and theContinue In »

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The Artist Henry Sells Art

  Therein lies a transition of alignment to the labor of poets’ hands–how they work, when and where they spend their time holding labor objects or tapping keys–and the goal of form is to allow The Artist’s creative labor day in and day out by freeing it from the financial burdens of general life, toContinue In »

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I went a Casino with $250, saw red, & left only with this, leaving the rest behind, carrying only this & the affirmation of my transformation away from deceit, lies, & hatred.

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Reason 4 Selling

VisualProgressionNoteContinue Reading

Truth of TCoM


The Chronicles of Mania is a convincing lie It’s a long drawn out attempt to find an identity based on recreations, re-tellings, cold scientific defining, artwork, and left out information. I react to prolonged use of high quality cannabis. That’s it. I become psychotic after smoking a lot of weed. I take flight. The ChroniclesContinue In »

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my facebook popularity

the artist henryContinue Reading

Love & Art


i love it, i love it too, farewell, farewell 44 modified painting. i love it so i will leave it with you. & again, the loss of art, a piece, takes on yet another form…one that afflicts the heart but one not necessarily to do with art

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And here with the hint of 1285, the 31013 discovered just yesterday, we have a soft, sad, & hopeful message from the searching Henry.

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My Ship

The Artist Henry's Ship

The Trazadones have been put to Rest. The Artist Henry, The Captain, is Aboard & Sailing in the Love-Based Waters of 44 Expression. “When will my ship come? Where is my ship?” are questions of the past. On these subjects of “success,” as witnessed in The Progression, Henry’s Ship is Already Here & He is on it.

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Unhonorable Unthesis

Approved by Henry

“An Unhonorable Unthesis Concerning Virginia Woolf and Her Unfictional Autobiographical Relationship with Order and Chaos as Untold in To the Lighthouse, a Formally Formal Essay Drafted By Justin and Revised by Henry” Count: 4,313 words, 2 images, Style: Parody Edit, 2010

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I feel your eyes


I feel them look in my direction, and I see them cast down, out of ununderstanding, and avoid the golden green retinas fearless in state of unrelenting observation of your every movement, and how you handle my presence, and how you fail to see my truth, and how you succeed in projecting your own, ontoContinue In »

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Young Justinhead

Zelda & Manic Dreams Network

On 12/19/2014 I will revisit the first major project of my life I failed to complete: N64’s Ocarina of Time. In completing this mission I will break down the behavior of leaving projects incomplete at its root. At the moment of victory, which assuredly therein will be such a time soon, new doors will open beckoning our feets to enter. These hours I spend will be matched with some sort of reflective, undecided expression. The current plan is to have the K120…

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T. Y. A.’s Portait

44v1 Promotion - MyManic Dreams - Artwork

“44v1: A Collection of 44 Essays” Please take into account the credibility of The Chronicles of Mania. I say that because I forever act in reserve because of my history. I want you to believe as I believe right now but realistically only such ideals can be reciprocally fulfilled when the work is accessible, forContinue In »

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Sites & Graphics 4 Sale


I don’t aspire to do other people’s work. Dreams–yes–I want to make the dreams of others come true, but not in the way in which I am temporarily making myself available to the public. Now Available: Creative Solutions, Graphics, Web Sites/Design, & Copywriting from the creator of MDN! This offer will not last long.

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Photo Restorations


Several years ago I surprised my grandma with a 16×20 canvas of them, which I fully restored from an old, weathered, & not even close to mimicking their true beauty, photo. I had the idea, at that distant & struggling time, of offering a paid service to the public, one where I would restore meaningfulContinue In »

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Phys. VS Artistic Health


We come & go & come & then go for good. When do we sprint when do we jog when do we walk & when do we know how much time is there for us. When are we told how best to use it, how best to make it last. And when we decide to drink the sodas & the drinks & the not waters filled with sugars we are losing something we don’t quite know. And the muscles begin to liquify & the brain begins to melt.

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Tale of The Tomato

Tale of The Tomato

Attending VT in the School Of Business, Surrounded by UnPeers, Lined with Untexts, Scheduled for Unthings, The Subconscious Artist created neither without knowing why nor caring why. There was no high, higher, highest purpose. Creation for Creation sake, the Seeding of Important Values,

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The Progression


The Progression involves four parts, as currently known: one, “The Encrypted Progression,” an 18×24 canvas created over the length of a year, planned to be published on DeviantArt, two, “The Journalled Progression,” a collection of mixed-media journals, publication method unsure, possibly Facebook, three, “The Progression of The Developing Artist into The Artist Henry, as WitnessedContinue In »

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Expressing Others


Is it possible? I mean, to commission my expression for the expression of others…to sell the gifts however poor or great they may be, as yet to be understood or established, and take a loss for the Network in exchange for an uncertain amount ofus dollars…and what of expression born with the intention of theContinue In »

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A Strong Sense

Of Love-Based Art

A Strong Sense of Love Into & Out-to, in out-through to others & away from the self. A keynote of T. A. H. is the transition from strict self-expression to the receiving & extending the expression of others who align with the 44th Core Values. The Family changes. Labor changes. Productivity level hits a stride.Continue In »

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